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The goal of our new site is to make it easier for you to find out and share information about our services, as well as to highlight the many other services we offer other than just CD ripping. With all the other services out there, we seek to differentiate ourselves by actually helping you get what you want out of your digital music library and experience. To that end, we not only will convert and organize your collection, but we can also clean your existing collection or consolidate multiple libraries that you’ve accumulated. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you have an unwieldy digital music setup at home or work, we can get you pointed in the right direction no matter what the issue.

Let’s face it, owning your music isn’t for everyone. New services like Spotify and Pandora will satisfy many people. But if you want to be completely in control of your music library with no restrictions, sound quality issues, or subscription fees, owning your music is the only way to go. That’s why we exist, and we are committed to giving you tremendous value for your music dollar.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with questions or comments about our new site and services!

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