Library Cleanup + Enhancement


Have a digital music library that is in dire need of a makeover or fresh sounds? Or maybe libraries scattered across multiple computers, needing consolidation? Send it all to us and get back a squeaky clean organized library, free of clutter. Some of the services we offer:

• Library cleanup with DataClean

• Library and CD collection consolidation with duplicate elimination

• Custom iTunes playlists for workouts, parties, events, you name it!

• Hand selected new music based on your tastes

• Installation and setup


What is DataClean™?

DataClean™ is our proprietary library cleanup system. We use software, scripts developed in house, and finally a human eye to make sure your library data is completely organized, standardized and cleaned so that it will display perfectly in iTunes or any other type of music management software. For more information on what we actually do to organize the data, go to our Dataclean™ page.

Tell us about your project by calling us at 785-856-0034 or by using the form below. We will get back to you shortly.

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