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w1red “Give them your CDs; they dupe ‘em, tag ’em, and load them onto a player or hard drive. Or they’ll burn a DVD of the MP3s, and you can load ‘em yourself. Don’t know a WAV from a WMA? They’ll hold your hand all the way.”
“dmp3 Music converts your CD collection into a perfectly organized MP3 library. And they do it very, very well. No messy metadata tags. No need to sort or move files around. It was just . . . done. And done right.”
“dmp3 Music specializes in doing all the work converting CDs into computerized format. In the SF Bay Area they will also pick up and return CDs, setup your computer library and playlists, and backup the collection on DVD.”
ilounge “Converted our CDs into DVDs full of great MP3 files. Lots of personal communication . . . you’re cared for. Many a la carte services are offered. Well suited to serve needs of PC users who want help . . .”
techtv “dmp3 Music helps its customers make the modern day version of the good old-fashioned mix tape. They compress, and consolidate music collections, making life easier. And they make house calls in the SF Bay Area.”
“One customer’s iPod™ may have sat in the box forever if not for dmp3 Music, who makes a business out of setting up iPods and converting CDs to a digital format.”
the oakland tribune “dmp3 Music offers niche services to distinguish itself. If you are local, they will pick up and return your CDs, load your iPod, and instruct you how to navigate Apple’s iTunes.”
the ipod authority “If you have a large music collection you know the chore involved in ripping each individual CD to an iPod format. Now you can hire an expert with the right equipment to take care of the conversion for you. We suggest you try dmp3 Music with your first 10 CDs; if you like the results send them the rest.
kfog “For about a dollar per, dmp3 Music will actually pick up your CDs and convert them to MP3 files.”