Q: What does dmp3 Music do?

A: We convert your entire CD collection into an organized digital mp3 library (other formats also available) in several days, saving you from the chore. If you were to do it yourself an hour a day, it would take several months. We also offer other digital music services, library cleanup and organization. See our Services + Pricing page and our Ordering + Shipping page for more details.

Q: Why dmp3 Music?

A: What separates us from any other CD ripping service? For starters, experience. We have been in business longer than all our competitors. We’re almost as old as the iPod! We have leveraged this experience to learn all the ins and outs of the industry. This means that we use the best CD ripping equipment and software, calibrated to an ensure error-free, high quality rip of each CD. We also have a metadata cleanup process has that has been honed to perfection over the years.

On top of that, we are in communication with you through every step of the order process, and always respond quickly (usually the same day) to any problem, question, or inquiry. We back this all up with a guarantee of quality. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your delivered library, we will fix it free of charge or refund your money. If you ever have any questions about our services, pricing or process please contact us anytime.

Q: What does it cost?

A: We offer two service packages. Our Standard Service is $0.69 per CD which includes high quality data (artist, album, track, genre), but only basic grooming of your library after ripping. If you choose our Premium Service for $1.09 per CD you will get free FedEx Ground shipping (on orders of 100 CDs or more), as well as our complete DataClean™ service. This service includes high quality album art, advanced library cleanup, and duplicate elimination, helping to to simplify browsing / searching for artists, albums, and songs. For more information see our Service Package Comparison page.

Q: What if  I want to place an order but don’t know how many CDs I have?

A: When you place an order (either online or via phone), we pre-approve your credit card but do not process any charges. When the job is complete and shipped we then process your card based on the exact CD count. So to place an order you mainly just need an approximate CD count so that we know how many CD spindles to send with your shipping kit. For reference, our spindles hold either 100 or 50 CDs.

Q: I need guidance with audio format selection. What audio format should I choose?

A: For a good all-around universal format that will work with any device or playback software we recommend going with MP3 at 256Kbps. This is equivalent to what you would get if you purchase downloads from iTunes or Amazon. If you use Apple products and want the highest sound quality choose Apple Lossless. For PC based music playback software choose FLAC for the best sound quality. Note that Apple Lossless and FLAC files take 3x as much storage space. Archival and audiophile formats (WAV, AIFF) are also available. For a more guidance on making the right choice please refer to this excellent Lifehacker article.

Q: Are there any additional or extra costs?

A: Our Standard Service is $0.69 per CD plus a $30 charge for a shipping kit (up to 600 CDs) and all legs of FedEx Ground Shipping. Our Premium Service is $1.09 and includes free shipping kit (w/ orders of 100 CDs or more) and FedEx Ground shipping. The Standard Service incurs a $30 3-way shipping fee for each shipping box. Each of our boxes holds a maximum of 600 CDs. Shipping is free for our Premium Service as long as your order is above 100 CDs. Premium Service orders of less than 100 CDs will incur a one time $30 shipping fee. You may provide your own hard drive for delivery of music files (no charge) or purchase one from us. There are additional items and services which are optional such as hard drives, iPod loading, and consolidation with existing hard drive music. Please see our Services + Pricing page for details.

Q: What if I want to send my CDs in jewel cases or binders, instead of using the shipping kit?

A: For typical orders we charge and additional $0.30 per CD to handle CDs in jewel cases or binders. There are also additional shipping charges due to larger volume and number of boxes being shipped.

Q: Do I get my CDs back?

A: Yes. We send all CDs back to you with your newly converted digital library, unless otherwise requested.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Turnaround time varies by the size of your CD collection and sometimes by job complexity (rare titles, scratched or scuffed cds, multiple formats required, etc.). Our turnaround is typically 10-15* business days, not including transit times. If you have a specific requirement or deadline please let us know! We can often accommodate it. Expedited shipping and/or rush charges may apply for quick turnarounds.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to overwhelming demand for our services, we cannot absolutely guarantee our stated turnaround time at the moment. If you would like your project completed and shipped by a certain date we urge you to communicate this when you place your order. If ordering online please use the ‘special instructions’ section of the order form to communicate your desired completion date. We will then respond with a confirmation.

Q: How does the ordering and shipping process work?

A: Please see our Order + Shipping Info page for all the details.

Q: Does dmp3 Music deliver CD quality digital music files?

A: CDs are usually converted to mp3 format at 192 kbps – 320 kbps, depending on your preference of size vs. sound quality. We generally recommend the mp3 format ripped at 320 kbps, unless you have a space requirement such as a small iPod. Audiophile and archival formats are also available. Please see our Services + Pricing page for details.

Q: Can I purchase a Hard Drive through dmp3 Music?

A: Yes, hard drives are available for purchase during the order process. If you choose, we will set up, format and load your digital music library onto a new LaCie® Hard Drive. These superb desktop drives connect to your computer via hi-speed USB 3.0/2.0, FireWire 800/400, or both. Compact, fast and reliable, they can serve all your backup and file storage needs. For hard drive pricing, see our Services + Pricing page.

Q: How much hard drive space will I need for my collection?

A: On average, 100 audio CDs in mp3 format at 256 kbps will take up approximately 10GB of hard drive space. Please contact us if you have a specific question regarding hard drive space.

Q: Does dmp3 Music offer volume discounts and custom conversion?

A: Yes. Please refer to our Services + Pricing page or contact us to discuss these options.

Q: What audio formats are available?

A: CDs are converted to MP3, AAC or WMa format at 192 kbps – 320 kbps, depending on your preference of size vs. sound quality. The following audiophile and archival formats are also available: Apple Lossless, WMA Lossless, FLAC, AIFF and WAV.

Q: Does my computer read DVDs?

A: Most computers include DVD drives. If you don’t have a DVD drive, you can purchase a LaCie® external hard drive from us during the order process. For hard drive pricing, see our Services + Pricing page.

Q: How many audio CDs fit on a DVD?

A: One 4.7GB DVD holds about 50 audio CDs with mp3 files encoded at 256 kbps. Higher bit rates and uncompressed or Lossless formats will decrease the number of audio CDs per DVD. If you request Lossless or uncompressed formats, we usually require you to either provide us with an external hard drive or purchase one during the order process.

Q: Where is dmp3 Music located?

A: Our office is located in Lawrence, KS. For our address see our Ordering + Shipping page.

Q: What are dmp3 Music’s Terms and Conditions of Service?

A: Click here to read our Terms and Conditions.